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NailFire Second Fix Finishing Nails


Typically used on finished work such as skirting board and architrave.


Typically used on finished work such as skirting board and architrave.

There are many types of brads, NailFire is available in 2 types 16 Gauge Straight and 16 Gauge Angled.

The most popular compatible tools are:

16 gauge straight – Paslode IM65, Hitachi NT65GS, DeWalt DC618KB.

16 gauge angled – Paslode IM65A, Hitachi NT65GB, DeWalt DC618KB.


  • Compatable with all leading Brands of 34 degree D-Head gas powered nail tools and Sixteen Gauge finish nailers.
  • All nails conform to Euro Code 5 EN14592 A1 2012 High Quality and reliable Fuel cell with fully synthetic lubricant.
  • 1 fuel cell per 1000 nails reducing the need to buy extra cells.
  • Nailfire first fix nails & gas is supplied in durable re-usable plastic buckets, reducing the risk of gun jamming when nail strips get wet.
  • Sharp pointed nails for easy penetration into all wood types.
  • Maximises output.
  • Minimises manpower.


Our 3.1 X 65 mm Galv ring is suitable for fixing battens and our 3.1 X 76mm Galv Ring Shank nails for counter battens. NailFire’s addition to the D Head nail range can save up to THREE HOURS work per roof. Tested by TRADA and approved as a suitable alternative to the 3.35mm diameter nail required by British Standards (BS5534) and accepted by NHBC.


  • Steel to meet the specification EN 10016 1-4.
  • Tensile Strength to meet EN 10218-1 min strength of 600 N/mm2.
  • Bend strength of 3000 N/mm2 (2.9) and 4000 N/mm2.
  • Head Pull through of min 1100 N.
  • Withdrawal 550 N (2.9 mm) and 720 N (3.1 mm) ring shank.
  • Service Class 1 indoor.
  • Service Class 2 indoors not heated, Outdoors Protected.
  • Service Class 3 outdoors exposed to weather.
  • Full certification available on request.


  • High performance 12 micron thick coating of zinc galvanised and chromate passivated, to give nearly double* the time before black stain on the timber.
  • Full Range of High Quality Hot Dip Galvanised Nails to give extra long service life.


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